The Back and Core Strengthener – uses resistance-training technology to improve back and core strength

The Back and Core Strengthener [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary sit-up exercise device out there simply because this exercise seat uses technology design to help the user improve their back and core strength of course without you worrying about neck and back strain every time you use the resistance training device.

The Back and Core Strengthener

The Back and Core Strengthener

This exercise seat is equipped with integrated resistance technology to provide comfortable back support when the user performs some abdominal exercise helping the owner to perfectly achieve an effective core based workout every time.

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This core strengthener device already comes with precision dials capable of providing up to 48lbs. Of resistance while its versatile design will definitely tone the user’s abs, triceps, forearms, obliques and more.

The Back and Core Strengthener is capable of providing different exercise positions and only requires less space making it an ideal exercise seat at home while watching your favorite TV shows. The back and core exercise device already includes an anti-slip mat, a easy to follow workout DVD and best of all, it folds nicely for easy storage.

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