The Plush Heated Scarf – with three levels of heat to provide soothing warmth anytime anywhere

The Plush Heated Scarf (available here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a scarf that will provide you with the best soothing warmth anytime and anywhere you want when you need one.

This fleece scarf is unique because it comes with 3 different levels of heat partnered with carbon fiber panels located strategically at its advanced insulation layer designed to provide the perfect cuddles at the user’s neck and shoulders without any problem.

Plush Heated Scarf

The Plush Heated Scarf

This plush scarf is capable of providing up to 7 hours of heat on low settings, 4 hours of heat on medium and more than 3 hours at high settings, it can even resist water so owners can keep themselves dry every time.

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Plush Heated Scarf1

The Plush Heated Scarf is powered by 5v rechargeable battery and is 100 percent polyester and best of all, it is machine washable.

You can buy this breathable fleece scarf equipped with 3 levels of heat for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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