The Only Hot Cold Facial Steamer – provides six hot and cold settings for a customizable spa-quality treatment

The Only Hot Cold Facial Steamer (available here) is unique when it comes to providing 6 hot and cold and spa quality treatment settings just perfect for moisturizing and even hydrating your tired face.

Thanks to this uniquely designed facial steamer equipped with nano-particle technology partnered with different warm and cold steam settings, moisturizing and even penetrating and hydrating face at home is now possible any time.

Hot Cold Facial Steamer

The Only Hot Cold Facial Steamer

Unlike ordinary facial steamers out there where steam droplets will just sit atop the skin, this unit is different because it helps the owner to impurify, loosen and tighten and even lock in the moisture needed to get that younger looking face again after a very tiring day of work.

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Hot Cold Facial Steamer1

The Only Hot Cold Facial Steamer also features a nozzle that rotates religiously in 360 degrees just to help direct the steam straight to the affected areas of the face while you enjoy sitting and staying stationary every time and best of all, it has an aromatherapy basket capable of holding the owners preferred essential oils perfect for enhancing your spa experience at home any time.

You can buy the home facial steamer for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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