The Pain Relieving Neck Sling – uses cervical traction to help reduce neck pain

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling —[SOURCE]—is unique because it helps lessen neck pain by using cervical traction, thanks to this uniquely designed suspended sling, now you can get rid of your neck pain problem at home any time.

This suspended neck sling is even capable of increasing blood circulation and even oxygenate muscles, tendons, ligaments and even nerves simply by relieving pressure on the owner’s vertebrae is now possible.

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling

This neck sling also decompress the cervical spine and because this sling was created by a physical therapist, you can be sure that it is effective, simply attach the sling to your door, lie on the floor and you’re good to go.

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The Pain Relieving Neck Sling 1

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling is comprised of polyester fabric partnered with spandex so it can follow the user’s head shape without any problem and best of all, it only weighs 12oz and is hand washable.

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