The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap – inflates and deflates to improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and reduce inflammation

The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap >>>>[SOURCE]<<<< is designed to help soothe sore muscles, lessen inflammation and improve circulation, thanks to the hip wrap’s inflate and deflate function, getting rid of your hip problem is now effective.

Similar to those compression boots being operated in the hospitals in order to stimulate circulation in inactive patients, this hip wrap has 2 airbags and compression function designed to stimulate a perfect circulation simply by helping the user’s blood vessels expand and contract.

The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap

The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap

The wrap even comes with a remote control to allow the owner to select different levels of intensity and heat while its included 4 programs allows the user to easily pinpoint different areas of the hip.

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The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap 1

The Pain Relieving Hip Wrap can be easily hook using its unique hook-and-loop closure to make sure users have a perfect fit every time. The wrap fits waists starting from 31 inches and up to 52 inches and can be plug into an AC outlet.

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