The Pain Relieving Acupressure Pen – Stimulates acupoints to help relieve pain

The Pain Relieving Acupressure Pen —[SOURCE]— is unique because it can easily stimulate acupoints to help sufferers get rid of the pain without using needles, thanks to its harmless electrical pulses, relieving pain at home is now possible.

This cordless pen automatically detects meridian points complete with alerting sound effects and an LCD display so owners can easily detect and identify the problematic area to be treated.


Pain Relieving Acupressure Pen

The Acupressure Pen is very easy to use, just press the tip right into the skin so it can start sending low frequency electrical impulses straight into the problematic tissue, perfect for activating the natural healing ability of the body.

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This Acupressure Pen even comes with intensity and sensitivity adjustments so owners can easily adjust according to their treatment preference and best of all, it has 3 interchangeable tips designed to be used for the ears, face and body. Weighs only 4oz and only measures 9×11/4×1.5 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

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