The Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver – with hypoallergenic foils that reduce skin irritation and help provide a nick-free grooming experience

The Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you are tired of using your electric shaver because of skin irritation.

Thanks to this uniquely designed electric shaver, now you can enjoy shaving your sensitive skin because this unit is equipped with hypoallergenic foils designed to help lessen skin irritation just perfect if you want that good grooming experience you’ve been looking for in an electric shaving device.

Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver

The Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver

This electric shaver is unique because besides providing a nick-free grooming experience so you can target even the contour of your ankles, knees and even those hard to reach areas of your body effortlessly, it even gets rid of wet and dry hair without any problem.

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Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver1

The Nick Free Hypoallergenic Shaver also comes with an integrated trimmer blade so owners or users can easily detail even their bikini lines and best of all, it has an ergonomic rubber grip for that comfortable and worry free shaving every time. Weighs only 9oz and only measures 9.5in in height.

You can buy the electric shaver for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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