The Barber Eliminator With Sideburn Trimmer – lets you maintain a clean, closely cropped hairstyle at home

Long hair? You want to trim it without going somewhere? Now you can with the Barber Eliminator with Sideburn Trimmer.

This electric and wireless hair trimming device already includes all the necessary tools to help you maintain that clean look you’ve been longing for in these times of Pandemic of course without going anywhere because now, you can do any hairstyle you want at home with this electric hair trimming device.

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The Barber Eliminator With Sideburn Trimmer

The Barber Eliminator With Sideburn Trimmer

This hair trimming set is unique and very easy to use, simply comb your hair and you’re good to go, thanks to its included rotary trimmer equipped with Japanese steel blades, cutting your long hair evenly in almost any direction will not be a problem, it even comes with an ergonomically designed handle partnered with comb guide that can be easily adjusted so you can precisely control the device to come up with professional quality result.

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The Barber Eliminator With Sideburn Trimmer 1

The included sideburn trimmer on the other hand already comes with 5 position comb so you can touch up neckline and sideburns easily without any problem and best of all, it already includes a powerful li-ion battery capable of providing up to 60min of wireless use.

You can buy the cordless electric hair trimming set for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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