The Multi-Size Curling Wand – produces a variety of hairstyles via three interchangeable barrels

The Multi-Size Curling Wand (available here) is unique because it can provide different hairstyles perfect for any woman out there who wants to look great specially when it comes to styling their hair.

Thanks to the curling wand’s changeable barrels, getting that classic wave style or that glamour look waves and even those beachy hair styles can now be done at home with the help of this curling wand.

Multi-Size Curling Wand

The Multi-Size Curling Wand

The 3 included barrels are unique because they’re made with tourmaline ceramic in rose gold designed to help release those negatively charged natural ions helping smoothen one’s hair cuticles and of course leaving them silky and shiny every time without worrying about frizz or static.

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Multi-Size Curling Wand1

The Multi-Size Curling Wand heating feature activates in only 30sec, it even comes with 5 different temp settings so owners can choose their best option and best of all, it has an ergonomic handle that’s very easy and comfortable to use every time. Weighs only 10oz.

You can buy the curling wand for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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