The Lady’s Washable Cashmere Lounge Pants – made entirely from washable cashmere

Are you looking for perfect lounge pants that you can practically wear everyday? Check the Lady’s Washable Cashmere Lounge Pants.

This luxuriously soft lounge pants is unique because it is made from washable cashmere and because it is hand combed, using it everyday in order to enjoy a comfortable feeling every time will not be a problem.

Washable Cashmere Lounge Pants

The Lady’s Washable Cashmere Lounge Pants

This lounge pants uses proprietary fibers partnered with non toxic treatment just to provide the garment the sturdiness it needs to withstand even with repeated washing and without worrying about shrinking.

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Washable Cashmere Lounge Pants 2

This Lounge Pants for lady’s is unique because owners will be able to eliminate the hassle of dry cleaning the pants every time and best of all, it already comes with an elastic waistband partnered with a drawstring and 2 pockets. Simply select the best size from Small to Extra Large.

You can buy this lounge pants for everyday wear for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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