The Inflatable Pillow Wedge – helps improve comfort and circulation in the head, back, or feet and legs

The Inflatable Pillow Wedge (available here) is perfect for anyone out there who wants to help improve their comfort and circulation especially in the back, head or even the legs and feet.

This inflatable pillow is unique because besides providing a cushioned air surface for a more comfortable resting or even sleeping at night, it can also be used as a wedge perfect for anyone who wants to relax their knees or even get that perfect sitting position every time.

Inflatable Pillow Wedge

This pillow and wedge is perfect for frequent travelers who want to have a sloped backrest or even provide a relaxed inclined just to get rid or even prevent heartburn, acid reflux and even minimize snoring problems.

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Inflatable Pillow Wedge1

This Pillow/Wedge is made from sturdy vinyl complete with PVC flocking and best of all, it can be fully inflated in a matter of seconds and also deflates for easy storage right at your favorite closet, drawer or even in a suitcase. Weighs only 12oz.

You can buy the inflatable pillow/wedge for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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