The Indoor Outdoor Oscillating Heater – can be used both indoors and outdoors for all seasons

The Indoor Outdoor Oscillating Heater (available here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a fast and efficient way of heating your room without any problem.

Thanks to this uniquely designed oscillating heater, heating your favorite room and positioning it almost anywhere at your desktop, on the floor or even under the table is now possible every time.

Indoor Outdoor Oscillating Heater

This portable heater is equipped with near infrared heat partnered with carbon tube elements designed to provide a 600watts of low or 1200watts of high settings perfect for providing a comfortable heat instantly even in a generously sized room or outside in almost any type of season.

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Indoor Outdoor Oscillating Heater1

The Indoor Outdoor Oscillating Heater is equipped with IPX4 rating so you don’t have to worry about using it outdoors and best of all, it only measures 22×8 inches in height and diameter and only weighs 6lbs.

You can buy this indoor or outdoor oscillating heater for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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