The Best Heated Shiatsu Foot Spa – the most soothing, the most comfortable, and the easiest to use

The Best Heated Shiatsu Foot Spa (available here) is not just capable of providing the most soothing foot spa besides its comfortability and easy to use function.

Thanks to this uniquely designed foot spa equipped with shiatsu rollers partnered with steam massage and jet bubbles, enjoying the best foot massage at home without feeling cramped or even splashing water over the sides will not be a problem.

Best Heated Shiatsu Foot Spa

Unlike ordinary foot massaging spa out there that lacks many features and only provides little bubbles or even takes too long for the heat to kick, this unit is perfect when it comes to accommodating one’s foot size without any problem.

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Best Heated Shiatsu Foot Spa

The Best Heated Shiatsu Foot Spa besides its comfortable grip, it is also very easy to use and clean, thanks to its detachable parts and best of all, it already includes a pedicure platform, a detachable footrest, 3 attachments and a sturdy sliding hood designed to help keep the steam contained around the user’s feet every time. Weighs only 9lbs and only measures 12 3/4×16.5×18 3/4inches in width, diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this highly rated heated shiatsu foot spa for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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