The Illuminated Ear Wax Remover – illuminates the ear canal with an integrated 1080p camera to easily target wax build up

The Illuminated Ear Wax Remover is perfect when it comes to getting rid of any ear wax build up in your ear canal simply because this ear wax remover already includes an illuminating function partnered with a built-in HD camera so owners can easily see and at the same time target any wax build up every time.

Thanks to the ear cleaning tool’s included LED lights built into the marker-sized tool yet capable of streaming live footage especially when it is connected to your favorite tablet or even your latest smartphone.

Illuminated Ear Wax Remover

The Illuminated Ear Wax Remover

The wax remover is very easy to use, just connect the ear cleaning device to your smartphone, direct the silicone tip at exactly where it is needed and you’re good to go, it even comes with a protective earbud stopper so you don’t have to worry about going the tool deep into the ear canal.

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Illuminated Ear Wax Remover1

The Illuminated Ear Wax Remover already includes 20 different accessories and tips so owners can easily handle almost any ear size and even treat different levels of accumulation and best of all, it resists water and it is also dust proof.

You can buy the ear wax cleaning tool for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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