The Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner – uses six LEDs to illuminate the ear canal and an integrated 1080p camera to see and target wax build up

Are you looking for a device that will help you clean your ear’s wax already building up? Use the Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner.

This uniquely designed ear cleaning tool is your perfect answer simply because it allows the user to easily illuminate the ear canal with clear bright light, it even comes with different silicone tip, removing ear wax using the exact tip where it is needed is now possible.

Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner

This wax cleaner even comes with a built-in high definition camera so owners can easily target any wax build up and because it is small enough, connecting it to your smartphone while at the same time using the LED light for providing clear light, getting rid of any wax in your ear is now easier than ever.

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Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner 2

The Illuminated Ear Wax Cleaner already comes with earbud stoppers designed to help prevent going deep into the ear canal and best of all, it is dust and water proof, you can even use it to check your teeth, scalp, nose and throat. Weighs only 1oz.

You can buy this ear cleaning tool for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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