The Cordless Heated Stone Facial Massager – strokes skin to help increase circulation, reduce wrinkles and decrease puffiness

Are you looking for a facial tool that will help you lessen wrinkles and puffiness? How about increasing circulation? Try the Heated Stone Facial Massager.

This cordless facial tool is your perfect answer simply because its unique features like its perfectly designed head where it’s made with Bian stone, this gua sha-an facial tool is perfect because it utilizes unique material partnered with Chinese ancient remedies just to provide that modern look and at the same time traditional Chinese medicine just to restore that natural face complexion you’ve been wanting for every time.

Heated Stone Facial Massager

This cordless facial tool already includes 3 different heat settings that can easily be adjusted partnered with 3 massage vibration functions designed to help you stimulate lymphatic vessels, a perfect remedy to flush away toxins and even help you get that natural face complexion every time.

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Heated Stone Facial Massager 2

The Cordless Heated Stone Facial Massager already comes with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 2 hours of power especially when fully charged using its included USB-C charger and best of all, it only measures 3 3/4in in its head’s width.

You can buy this heated facial tool for only $179.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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