The Hot Cold Arthritic Hip Wrap – delivers targeted heat or cold therapy to help soothe arthritic pain

The Hot Cold Arthritic Hip Wrap [SOURCE] is capable of delivering targeted hot or cold therapy perfect in soothing arthritic pain, thanks to the hip wrap’s uniquely designed construction partnered with flexible and segmented gel pack that can be warmed or chilled to help alleviate arthritic pain anytime.

The Hot Cold Arthritic Hip Wrap

The Hot Cold Arthritic Hip Wrap

This hip wrap is equipped with mesh layer just between the gel pack and the owner’s body allowing the perfect transfer of cold or heat straight into the affected area perfect for boosting circulation, lessen swelling and of course soothe arthritic pain.

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The wrap on the other hand is equipped with broad nylon/spandex and has curved shaped to perfectly hug the hip while its anti-slip and soft cushion is just perfect for holding the wrap in its proper position plus it even comes with an adjustable stretch band so owners can easily secure the wrap around.

The Hot Cold Arthritic Hip Wrap can be hand wash and comes with different sizes, simply select from small, medium, large and extra large and you’re good to go.

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