The Only Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad – Packed with unique heating elements and different warm levels

The Only Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad [SOURCE] is capable of providing different levels of warmth from the sleepers head, leg regions and even torso, thanks to the mattress pad’s unique heating elements woven right into the pad

The Only Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad

The Only Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad

This heated mattress pad offers 10 different temperature settings perfect for keeping the sleepers feet toasty warm while providing the head with cooler surface plus it even comes with a cordless remote control so owner’s can easily adjust the temp settings anytime.

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This mattress pad with heating elements even includes a preheat function so owner’s can ensure that the mattress pad is already warm before going to bed plus it even allows the user to set the pad to automatically turn off after ten hours of use.

The Only Six Zone Heated Mattress Pad is equipped with 200 thread count and 100 percent cotton top mattress pad and even comes with soft fill enough to cushion the sleeper’s body and best of all, polyester skirt will perfectly fit into the mattress up to 24 inches deep and is machine washable.

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