The Core Toning Twister Board – Perfect for abdominals, quads, and calves workout simply twisting the waist

The Core Toning Twister Board [SOURCE] is perfect in providing low-impact exercise on almost any type of surfaces, thanks to the twister board’s uniquely designed body construction system capable of enabling owners to stand right on the toning board’s end to tone abdominal, calve and quad simply by twisting the user’s waist.

Unlike ordinary balance board or even stationary aerobic aids out there, this toning twister board helps the user to do some active movements of course without worrying about straining their knees.

The Core Toning Twister Board

The Core Toning Twister Board

This core toning board uses light yet sturdy PVC and comes with cut-out handles on both sides perfect for using them as aid for standard push-ups while its unique footprint only takes a little bit of space as compared to a standard doormat perfect for storing the board under the bed or even at the owner’s closet.

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The Core Toning Twister Board is capable of supporting workout fanatics up to 400lbs. and already includes an easy to follow guide and workout DVD.

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