The Foldaway Full Body Elliptical – Exercises the upper body using resistance bands and the lower body using elliptical pedals.

The Foldaway Full Body Elliptical [SOURCE] is capable of exercising the owner’s upper body, thanks to the elliptical trainer’s uniquely designed resistance bands partnered with elliptical pedals, now you can also exercise not just your upper body but at the same time your lower body at home.

This full body elliptical trainer is very easy use and comfortable to use, thanks to the trainer’s foam-covered handles that is uniquely attached to its resistance bands, providing comfortable and of course wide range of motion for toning the arms, chest, biceps, triceps and even abdominals is now possible and achievable anytime.

The Foldaway Full Body Elliptical

The Foldaway Full Body Elliptical

This elliptical machine has non-slip pedals perfect for providing a perfect lower body motion both forward and backward elliptical movements just like those of bigger elliptical units out there while its easy to adjust resistance dial right on its handle will allow the owner to easily find the perfect resistance every time.

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The Foldaway Full Body Elliptical uses sturdy steel frame capable of supporting users up to 220lbs. and best of all, it folds down easily for easy storage under the bed or in a closet. Its LCD screen uses triple-a batteries and is perfect for displaying distance traveled, current speed, exercise time and even calories burned.

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