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The Handheld Smart Scale – displays its measurements on a handheld readout

Not satisfied with your weighing scale because it allows you to bend down every time you want to use them? Try the Handheld Smart Scale —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed weighing scale capable of displaying your measurements right on its included handheld screen.

This smart scale is unique because it does not allow one to lean, bend or even strain the eyes because it already includes an LCD display where you can see your body weight and calories right on its 3.5 inches screen.

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The Handheld Smart Scale

The Handheld Smart Scale

This handheld weighing scale works simply by sending a harmless current through the user’s entire body using its included bioelectrical impedance technology in order to measure the percentage of your fat, mucles, bone and even water.

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The Handheld Smart Scale 1

The Handheld Smart Scale is capable of carrying a capacity of up to 330lbs and can store up to 7 users reading and best of all, it only measures 11 3/4x 11 3/4 inches in length and width and only weighs 9lbs.

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