The Genuine Physician’s Beam Scale – preferred by physicians because it provides the highest level of precision

The Genuine Physician’s Beam Scale [SOURCE] is capable of providing the highest possible level of precision and is preferred by most physician because the beam scale uses mechanical operation and doesn’t require any programming or even batteries to operate.

This beam scale is capable of supporting user of up to 440lbs. and comes with 2 eye-level beam partnered with metal sliders with lower beam capable of providing 50lb. and upper beam of up to 1/4lb. increments.

The Genuine Physician's Beam Scale

The Genuine Physician’s Beam Scale

Unlike ordinary weighing scale out there, this genuine beam scale provides perfect weight measurement in both pounds and kilograms and because it already comes with easy to read engraved marks, reading the user’s measurement is now clear and precise every time.

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The Genuine Physician’s Beam Scale footstand on the other hand is coated with anti resistant rubber footing and already includes an integrated wheels so owners can easily move the scale across floors and best of all, it has an adjustable height rod that slides out easily so users can easily and simultaneously measure height and weight without any problem.

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