The Hair Protecting Silk Wrap – designed to protect the hair from the unattractive side effects of friction during a night’s sleep

The Hair Protecting Silk Wrap is unique when it comes to protecting one’s hair from different side effects of frictions especially when you sleep at night.

Thanks to the 100 percent silk-lined wrap, now you don’t have to worry about unattractive side effects of frictions when tossing and even turning your head on bed linens that are not safe on hair.

Hair Protecting Silk Wrap

The Hair Protecting 100% Silk Wrap

With this silk wrap, now you can say goodbye to split ends and even frizz, thanks to the wrap’s unique interior elastic headband, waking up in the morning with smooth and glossy hair will not be a problem.

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Hair Protecting Silk Wrap1

The Hair Protecting Silk Wrap is perfect if you want to get back that healthy glow of your hair, it is even helpful for preserving hair growth and thickness and best of all, it is 100 percent washable.

You can buy this 100 percent silk-lined hair wrap for only $9.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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