The Foot of the Bed Warmer – Only delivers the perfect amount of heat to keep toes toasty without overheating the rest of the body

The Foot of the Bed Warmer [SOURCE] is unique when it comes to delivering heat in order to keep your toes toasty of course without worrying about overheating your entire body.

This uniquely designed electric warmer only focuses and heats up only your cold feet and not your entire body, thanks to this reasonably sized warmer, heating only the lower part of the mattress is now possible.

The Foot of the Bed Warmer

The Foot of the Bed Warmer

Unlike ordinary electric blankets out there that overheats your entire body, this warmer only delivers exact amount of heat just enough to keep those toes warm and comfortable all throughout the night.

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The Foot of the Bed Warmer 1

The Foot of the Bed Warmer is machine washable, thanks to its micro-plush fabric partnered with its included tethered controller, keeping it clean all the time and selecting the best possible settings for your desired temperature is now easier and best of all, it shuts-off automatically after 8hrs. Weighs 2lbs.

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