The Foldaway Instant Personal Sauna – uses gentle far infrared rays that penetrate tissue to boost circulation, help alleviate pain, and flush out toxins through perspiration

The Foldaway Instant Personal Sauna (available here) is your perfect answer if you want to provide yourself with a pain alleviating and toxin flushing device at home.

Thanks to this uniquely designed instant personal sauna, setting up is very easy and of course enjoying a soothing relief from your pain, boosting circulation and even getting rid of toxins using perspiration is now possible at home every time.

Foldaway Instant Personal Sauna

The Foldaway Instant Personal Sauna

This instant sauna comes with 3 different carbon heating panels capable of generating gentle far infrared rays just perfect for improving circulation and more and because it has a steel frame designed to support the device polyester sides, setting up and even folding it after using is now more easier than ever.

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Foldaway Instant Personal Sauna1

This Instant Sauna already comes with a canvas seat capable of supporting users up to 180lbs, it even comes with an automatic shutoff function, integrated thermostat, heated foot pad and more and best of all, it already comes with an easy to use remote control.

You can buy this personal sauna for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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