The Finnish Barrel Sauna – An outdoor barrel shape sauna that heats more quickly and efficiently

The Finnish Barrel Sauna —[SOURCE]— is a weather-resistant and uniquely designed barrel sauna capable of heating up more quickly and efficiently as compared to other box-shaped saunas out there.

Thanks to its unique shape equipped with 2 stainless steel bands designed to easily secure the ball and socket construction of the sauna just to provide a sturdy and firm seal while at the same time enables the included cedar planks to contract and expand without any problem.

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The Finnish Barrel Sauna

The outdoor barrel sauna is equipped with polymer support so you’ll have a perfect level every time, its electric heater on the other hand is capable of reaching up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit in just a matter of hour, and because it already comes with an integrated thermometer / hydrometer, monitoring its optimal heat settings will not be a problem.

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The Finnish Barrel Sauna already comes with a wooden ladle and bucket and has tempered glass door so you can use the sauna wet or dry any time.

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