The Foam Dispensing Device – turns toilet tissue into flushable wipes

You want to convert toilet paper into a flushable wipe? Use the Foam Dispensing Device. 

A uniquely designed toilet paper to wipe converting unit capable of turning any ordinary tissue into a flushable wipes easily without any problem. –Order Online Here

Foam Dispensing Device

Unlike ordinary wipes out there that only clog a toilet or even cause septic and plumbing problems, this converter is unique because it allows the owner to make their very own wipes using ordinary tissue enough to help anyone with sensitive skin enjoy a more comfortable way to use wipes.

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Foam Dispensing Device 2

This Converter is perfect because besides its motion activated feature for dispensing alcohol and fragrance free foam, this foam-dispensing device also comes with an 8oz bottle of cleansing foam and a charging cable for recharging the device without any problem. Weighs only 1 3/4lbs and only measures 6x3x3 inches in height, length and width respectively.

You can buy this foam-dispensing device for only $19.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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