The Nail Illuminating Magnifying Clipper – with 3.5x magnification and a focused LED light for precise and careful trimming

Looking for a nail clipper capable of precisely trimming your nail without worrying about straining your eyes?

Use the Nail Illuminating Magnifying Clipper, a uniquely designed nail clipper equipped with magnification and LED light so you can carefully trim your nail while at the same time reducing eye strain every time. –Currently Taking Orders Here

Nail Illuminating Magnifying Clipper

The Nail Illuminating Magnifying Clipper

Unlike ordinary nail clippers out there that are not comfortable to use, this nail clipper is perfect because it has a soft finger rest right at the bottom of the device so it can comfortably hold the fingers conveniently.

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Nail Illuminating Magnifying Clipper 2

This Nail Clipper with magnifier and LED light even includes an interior compartment so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up nail clippings and best of all, it can be operated using cell batteries.

You can buy this nail clipper with magnifier and LED light for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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