The Fitbit Blaze Watch – A fitness watch that keeps real-time record of day and night activity

Looking for a device that can record in real time all your day to day activity? Use the Fitbit Blaze Watch [SOURCE], a uniquely designed fitness watch that uses Bluetooth connectivity to capture data including your heart rate, steps taken, hours slept, burned calories and more.

The Fitbit Blaze Watch

The Fitbit Blaze Watch

This fitness watch already includes a high resolution touch screen capable of delivering clear and crisp visual data plus it even offers different faces where owners can easily choose from.

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This fitness monitoring watch is capable of syncing statistics automatically and wirelessly to your favorite smartphone devices and of course to your favorite desktop computer.

The Fitbit Blaze Watch also features different options like setting an alarm, receive notification and even set the option where user can listen to their favorite music from their favorite mobile playlist and best of all, Fitbit watch is durable and is sweat and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about doing some energetic trail run.

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