The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike – A home fitness system with integrated resistance bands for simultaneously exercising the arms

The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike [SOURCE] is the only home fitness system you need if you want to have a low impact, full body exercise capable of delivering not just for toning your legs and core muscles but at the same time simultaneously exercise your shoulders and arms.

The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike

The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike

This stationary exercise bike is built with 2 seat positions designed for upright or recumbent cycling which is perfect for delivering a heart pumping cardio workout and unlike ordinary indoor bike out there, this full body exercise bicycle is already built with clear digital display so it can provide clearly your elapsed time, burned calories, heart rate and speed.

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This exercise bike even comes with a padded seat partnered with comfortable backrest and rubberized base so owners will have a perfect support and stability and preventing the bike from rocking while in exercise mode.

The bike’s magnetic resistance system on the other hand is adjustable and does not require electricity perfect for setting it up anywhere and anytime you want.

The Stowable Full Body Exercise Bike folds to 18 inches width and has 2 wheels so you can roll it easily after a workout while its sturdy steel frame can support users of up to 350lbs.

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