The Enamel Preserving UV Teeth Whitener – helps remove stains and helps strengthen enamel

The Enamel Preserving UV Teeth Whitener is a uniquely designed teeth whitening kit capable of removing stains while at the same time helps strengthen enamel.

As compared with other whitening strips out there that uses low concentration formula to target only the front teeth, this unique teeth whitening device targets both sides because it uses carbamide peroxide gel partnered with LED mouthpiece for that even teeth whitening every time.

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Enamel Preserving UV Teeth Whitener

Enamel Preserving UV Teeth Whitener

This UV Teeth Whitener is also unique because after every session, the whitening kit also helps renew enamel, lessen sensitivity and of course helps prevent stains in the future.

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Enamel Preserving UV Teeth Whitener 1

The UV Teeth Whitener is very easy to use, thanks to its included cheek retractor, applying the gel and using the mouthpiece will not be a problem, it even includes a 3-way cable for plugging the mouthpiece into a USB or lightning port and best of all, it can whiten teeth for up to 7 shades when used daily for up to 10 days.

You can buy the UV Teeth Whitener for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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