The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator – A wireless and handheld skin rejuvenator that uses red and blue LED light therapy to destroy skin problem

The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator [SOURCE] is a wireless and handheld gadget capable of delivering light therapy helping owners to get rid of their wrinkles, fight discoloration, rejuvenate skin and other skin imperfections.

The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator works simply by delivering blue light for treating skin disorders and red light for counteracting the signs of aging, boost circulation and collagen production perfect for tightening skin and best of all, this handheld skin rejuvenator also comes with unique wavelength designed to help destroy bacteria, acne and other skin conditions.

The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator

The Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator

With Dual Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenator, owners simply pick the best therapy right at the skin rejuvenator’s handle and let the device unique 97 LED lights located at the device octagonal surface light up to start restoring skin.

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This handheld skin rejuvenator already comes with AC adapter, weighs 2lbs. and measures only 7x3x1 1/2 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

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