The Cryotherapy Massage Ball – A stainless steel roller designed to stop pain and reduce inflamation after an injury or workout

You want to stop pain and lessen inflammation after your hard workout? Use the Cryotherapy Massage Ball —[SOURCE]—, a stainless steel roller that uses the combination of traditional massage and cryotherapy to help you get rid of pain after an injury.

This cryotherapy roller is unique because it has a massage ball that can be easily removed from the unit to be place in a freezer to chill its cooling gel.

The Cryotherapy Massage Ball

The Cryotherapy Massage Ball

The cooling gel can then be used for up to 6 straight hours of effective cryotherapy plus it is also perfect for treating back pain, sore muscles and even plantar fasciitis because the ball’s friction-free feature will easily glide over the problematic body parts including your arm, neck, back, and even your foot.

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The Cryotherapy Massage Ball 1

The Cryotherapy Massage Ball can be easily clean using only water and soap and only measures 3.5×31/4 inches in diameter and height respectively and best of all, it only weighs 1 1/4lbs.

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