The Cordless Heated Massager Roller – uses infrared heat and micro vibrations to improve circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, and provide a deep tissue massage

The Cordless Heated Massager Roller (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a massager with infrared heat to help you get rid of your muscle fatigue problem.

This rechargeable massager is unique because it uses micro vibrations partnered with infrared heat to help provide deep tissue massage and even help you improve circulation and also to help you relieve your muscle fatigue condition.

Cordless Heated Massager Roller

The Cordless Heated Massager Roller

Perfect for use on the problematic back, hips, thighs and even calves, thanks to its included 8 rollers designed to rotate at different speeds just perfect for that customized massage you’ve been looking for at home.

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Cordless Heated Massager Roller1

This Cordless Massager with heating and roller massage function even comes with 2 LEDs designed to help penetrate even the deepest problematic skin, perfect for increasing blood flow, lessening swelling and even provide a temporary relief of any discomfort you may have any time and best of all, it can provide up to an hour of power when fully charged using its included AC adapter.

You can buy the rechargeable massager for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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