The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller – Helps relax tight, sore muscles, reducing pain and boosting flexibility

The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller is not just unique when it comes to relaxing your sore muscles, lessening the pain you are having and at the same time boosting again your flexibility, thanks to the roller’s professional and portability quality, enjoying a vibrating massage at home is now possible.

This vibrating massage roller is unique because it uses 4 different power levels designed to help you relax even your tight muscles, it works simply by choosing your preferred vibrating intensity level, use your own suitable amount of body weight pressure against the roller to allow the massage roller break those fascia up.

Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller

The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller

This portable yet professionally designed vibration massage roller is very light yet powerful and effective enough to get rid of your aching body parts, you can even bring it anywhere you go or use it at home for that quick and relaxing massage every time.

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Muscle Rejuvenating Vibrating Roller1

The Muscle Rejuvenating Vibration Roller has a textured exterior and is capable of providing vibrating massage up to 3hrs when fully charged its rechargeable battery using its included USB charging cord and best of all, it only measures 11.5x4x4 inches in length, width and height.

You can buy the professional-quality portable vibrating massage roller for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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