The Chefs Fatigue Relieving Floor Mat – Relieves Fatigue Due To Long Hours Standing

Over stressed cooking your favorite food chef? Now you can ease feet and back fatigue due to long hours of standing with the Chef’s Fatigue Relieving Floor Mat.

The Chefs Fatigue Relieving Floor Mat

The Chefs Fatigue Relieving Floor Mat

This Fatigue Relieving Floor Mat uses the same cushioning technology used by most well-known restaurants to give their chef’s relaxation while cooking. Not like ordinary floor mats, this fatigue relieving mat is perfect for reducing impact on joints because it is made with soft polyurethane to support the chef’s body weight.

With floor mat’s unique construction and antimicrobial feature, this fatigue relieving mat also comes with stain resistant function plus you can be sure that it will be affected with punctures and abrasions and it can even handles heat of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

-$239.95 at hammacher

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