The Bunion Concealing Stretch Sandals – the stretch knit sandals that protect and hide bunions

These uniquely designed stretch knit sandals are just your perfect answer simply because besides protecting your feet, they’re also capable of hiding bunions while of course providing you that comfort and perfect support you’ve been waiting for in a sandal.

Bunion Concealing Stretch Sandals

These sandals are very soft and have breathable knitted uppers capable of expanding without you worrying about causing pressure points, blisters and even callouses just perfect for different foot problems you are encountering as you travel around.

Bunion Concealing Stretch Sandals 2

The Bunion Concealing Stretch Sandals are also equipped with EVA and memory foam footbeds so you don’t have to worry about contouring the shape of your feet perfectly and even helping improve gait while at the same time preventing pain every time and best of all, they’re also equipped with shock absorbing outsole with 1inch high heel.

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