The Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer – A uniquely designed elliptical trainer that auto adjust to the user’s settings to achieve a perfect workout

You want to workout and at the same time monitor your heart rate automatically? Use the Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer (VIDEO), a uniquely designed elliptical trainer that auto adjust to the user’s settings in order to target the perfect workout and at the same time achieve the perfect heart rate every time.

With Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer, user’s simply select the perfect target zone through its pre-programmed heart rate targets such as 55 to 90 percent simply by entering it right at the trainer’s control panel, after entering the rider’s age and selecting the target rates, the elliptical trainer will then automatically adjust the workload to keep the user’s heart rate just within the specific target.

The Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer

The Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer

The user’s heart rate is monitored by a unique sensor located strategically at the elliptical trainer’s handle, plus the user can also select manual settings that already includes up to 16 levels of resistance.

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The Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer 1

The Bioresponsive Elliptical Trainer allows you to monitor the workout length, speed and distance as well as the calories burned, thanks to the device’s clear LCD display, working out and burning those fats at the same time watching and monitoring your heart rate will not be a problem.

Watch the elliptical trainer in action [HERE].

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