The Better Electric Nail File – makes manicures easier and less painful for those with arthritis or other hand ailments

If you loved our toenail clipper then definitely this electric nail file (available here) will be your next addition for your manicure set devices simply because besides providing an easier way of shaping nails, this electric nail file can do a lot more.

Thanks to this uniquely designed nail filing device, shaping, smoothing, buffing and even shining nails at home without worrying about twisting fingers is now possible every time.

Better Electric Nail File

Unlike ordinary nail files out there powered by electricity that spins quickly with just one direction and requires a manicurist to manually perform important tasks, the better nail file is unique because besides its wireless wand capable of providing a salon quality finish, doing it at home will not be a problem.

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Better Electric Nail File1

The Better Electric Nail File can be operated in 2 different speeds and best of all, it already comes with different head discs including the shining disc, smoothing disc, shaping and even the buffing disc that can be used interchangeably any time.

You can buy this nail file with an oscillating head for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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