The Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion – helps you rise smoothly and confidently out of a chair

Need some personal assistant if you need to rise out of a chair? Not anymore, now you can do it all by yourself with the help of Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion.

With this unique seat cushion, now you can rise confidently and smoothly. Thanks to the cushions integrated hydraulic cylinder, elevating you up in just a matter of seconds so you can stand securely on your feet is now possible.

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Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion

Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion

This assisted lift cushion already comes with an elastic strap partnered with a uniquely designed slots right in its frame to allow someone to choose just the correct pressure for that easy lifting without any problem, it even comes with an easy to use knob designed to cause the hydraulic cylinder underneath to elevate you when you after pressing the knob away.

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Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion 1

The Automatic Assisted Lift Seat Cushion also comes with a cushion cover fabric that is water repellent, it can even be remove easily so you can clean it after using and best of all, it is designed to support user for up to 300lbs. Weighs only 11lbs and only measures 16x16x6 1/3in in height, width and diameter.

You can buy the seat cushion for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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