The Irish Wool Lumbar Support Cushion – conforms to the lower back for soothing back pain effectively

Equipped with 100% Irish Wool designed to help conform to the owner’s lower back, this lumbar support cushion is perfect for anyone who wants to find a soothing relief from their lower back pain problem of course without worrying about invasive treatment.

Uniquely constructed with sturdy panels designed to provide a perfect fit every time between the user’s lumbar region and the chair’s back, the support cushion wool’s effective natural heat system will help encourage good blood flow every time, it even targets deep down to the problematic part just to help improve the owner’s posture and hasten the healing process.

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Lumbar Support Cushion

Irish Wool Lumbar Support Cushion

This lumbar support cushion already comes with a reversible tweed side so user’s can enjoy those Irish’s classic yet effective style of lower back pain healing.

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Lumbar Support Cushion 1

The Irish Wool Lumbar Support Cushion is perfect for use inside the car, while relaxing at home or even working at the office and best of all, it folds up quickly so owner’s can tuck the support cushion and bring it anywhere you go for an easy and back pain free every time.

You can buy the lumbar support cushion for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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