The Antimicrobial Touchscreen Gloves – enables the wearer complete control of touchscreen devices while preventing the spread of germs

You want to prevent the spread of germs? Use the Antimicrobial Touchscreen Gloves, a uniquely designed gloves designed to help wearers to have a complete control of any devices they’re holding or even any surface that they’re touching including touching of any touchscreen devices like ATM machines in order to prevent the spread of germs.

These gloves are unique because they are woven with antimicrobial and copper infused fibers designed to hinder the growth of mold, odors, mildew and even bacteria.

Antimicrobial Touchscreen Gloves

The Antimicrobial Touchscreen Gloves

Thanks also to the gloves’ unique pointer tips and thumbs equipped with conductive material so owners can easily press, swipe and even pinch easily just like using their very own bare hands.

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Antimicrobial Touchscreen Gloves1

These antimicrobial gloves even feature pain relieving compression designed to help relieve hand and fingers swelling and pain and best of all, they’re made from copper infused polyester with antimicrobial properties that does not diminish even when using it over time or after repeated washing.

You can buy the antimicrobial gloves for only $24.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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