The Antimicrobial Cooling Gaiter Scarf – protects you against airborne germs and impurities while keeping you cool any time

The Antimicrobial Cooling Gaiter Scarf is unique because it can protect the wearer against airborne viruses and other impurities while at the same time keeping the wearer cool every time.

This gaiter scarf comes with a pocket capable of covering the wearer’s nose and mouth, thanks to its moisture wicking partnered with cooling fibers that are infused with copper and nickel ions designed to prevent germs, mold, fungus, bacteria and even odors.

Antimicrobial Cooling Gaiter Scarf

The Antimicrobial Cooling Gaiter Scarf

The included pocket can also be used to hold a detachable filter design to help trap any pollutants, bacteria and even those common allergens out there.

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Antimicrobial Cooling Gaiter Scarf1

The Antimicrobial Gaiter Scarf is made from fabric blend capable of providing cool and moisture wicking system so even when used regularly and at extended wear, the versatile scarf can still provide the perfect protection you’ve been looking for and best of all, it has an antimicrobial properties that will not diminish or fade even after repeated washing.

You can buy the versatile gaiter scarf for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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