The Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier – with antimicrobial wicking filter that captures allergens while preventing the growth of harmful mold and bacteria

The Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer if you are looking for a space saving evaporative humidifier with built-in antimicrobial wicking filter designed to get rid of any allergens roaming around the room.

This humidifier is unique because besides preventing the growth of any bacteria and harmful molds, this model is also unique because it uses evaporation partnered with a modern whirlwind fan just to help keep a room more comfortable to be with at any time.

Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier

The Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier

This allergen reducing humidifier is also ideal for getting rid of any allergy provoking dust including those pet dander, pollen and smoke from the air, thanks also to its integrated filter, lessening any white dust discharge usually found by most humidifiers will not be a problem.

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Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier1

The Allergen Reducing Evaporative Humidifier is equipped with a 2.8 liter tank enough to provide up to 25 hours of capturing and preventing viruses before needing a refill and best of all, it already comes with an integrated night light, different fan speed and timers. Weighs only 4.5lbs and only measures 13.5×9.5×9.5 in height, width and diameter.

You can buy the evaporative humidifier for only $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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