The Finnish Soapstone Reflexology Foot Massager – uses massage balls made from 2.8 billion year-old Karelian soapstone

The Finnish Soapstone Reflexology Foot Massager (currently taking orders here) is unique because unlike ordinary foot reflexology massager out there that uses ordinary massage technique, this model is one of a kind because it uses Finland soapstone balls.

Famous for its thermal properties, this foot reflexology massager will provide the owners with hot or cold foot massage without worrying about how to equally maintain the temperature of the soapstone massage balls.

Soapstone Reflexology Foot Massager

How? Just remove the soapstone massagers from the included cork base, cool it in your favorite freezer or even heat it in warm water to enjoy hot or cold foot massage every time.

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Soapstone Reflexology Foot Massager1

This Reflexology Foot Massager already comes with a natural cork base where owners can use it to easily roll the balls along without any problem while at the same time employing the owner’s own body weight in order to get rid of any inflammation and even targeting those tender points of the soles. Weighs only 15oz and has a cork base measurement of 10×41/4×3/4 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy the foot reflexology massager for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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