The Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator – Eases pain and improve muscle strength in the back and shoulders

You want to ease the pain in your back and shoulders? Use the Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed device that uses infrared heat, TENS and EMS stimulation system to help you get rid of your back and shoulder pain.

This back and shoulder stimulator is also perfect in improving muscle strength without taking any medication because the TENS therapy will provide the relief you’ve been looking for simply by stimulating the nerve system.


Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator

The EMS on the other hand is unique because it engages muscle contractions in order to hasten the rehabilitation and strength, it even comes with pads that already contains 4 LEDs designed to emit deep penetrating lights to help you increase blood circulation, lessen swelling and to temporarily get rid of joint pain.

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The Advanced Back Shoulder Stimulator even comes with 8 TENS and EMS mode partnered with different intensity levels where owners can use them together or independently and best of all, it has a remote control for easy operation.

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