Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch – It Keeps Your Fitness Workout Simpler and Easier

You want to know how much calories you’ve already burned on your fitness workout? Try the Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch, a handy wrist watch that perfectly displays important information about your fitness exercises.

Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch is great for helping you workout effectively and safely simply by determining your heart rate limits according to your age.

Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar FT4F Heart Rate Monitor Watch

This Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch is capable of providing the number of calories burned automatically or manually during your entire training sessions or cumulatively over time.

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This wrist watch heart rate monitor features a nice LCD display which allows the owner to keep track of important data collected by the Polar Watch, it also comes with a unique Polar OwnCode technology that displays color coded heart rate transmission from the polar device to your very own computer for extra safety.

So the next time you work on your health, don’t forget to wear this handy heart rate monitor watch to keep your fitness workout simpler and easier.

-$59.99 – $115.00 at amazon

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