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Panasonic Vortex Wet and Dry Shaver – Gets Rid of Thick Beards Easily

Shaving problem? Not anymore with this chafingless Panasonic Vortex Wet and Dry Shaver.  Packed with amazingly fast 13k per minute revolution, even the bulky beards are no match for this Panasonic Shaver.

Panasonic Vortex Wet and Dry Shaver uses 3 unique head design perfect for that comfortable and performance wise shaving, simply allow its pivoting heads rock your beard in any direction and let the device follow along your face contour nicely all without any problem.

Panasonic Vortex Wet and Dry Shaver

Panasonic Vortex Wet and Dry Shaver

This Wet and Dry Shaver is also capable of instilling hygienic solution plus it is also capable of cleaning any debris after shaving so it becomes ready again for next use.

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Panasonic Shaver also features a nanotech blades and long lasting cartridges for that advanced cleaning power anytime.

Store: Amazon
List Price: $179.99
Price: $103.99
You Save: $76.00 (42%)
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