Massage Mat – Relaxes Muscle On Your Shoulder, Lower Back and Buttocks

Massage Mat

Soothing painful muscles all over your upper and lower body is easy with Massage Mat for body. Not like ordinary body massagers, this mat comes with unique air chambers that pump up and collapse nicely in order to help relax muscles on your shoulder, back and buttocks.

This Massage Mat also comes with 4 extra air bladder used to bind around your legs in order to enjoy relaxing compression.

Besides flexing and stretching muscles, this body massager mat is also perfect for improving blood circulation and is also good for lessening tension muscles because its 1/3 inch foam follows nicely to your body’s shape.

This massage mat has 3 massaging programs, 2 intensities plus you an even focus at the aching points using its included easy to use controller.

-$219.95 at hammacher

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