Neck And Shoulder Compression Massager

Neck And Shoulder Compression MassagerLooking for a massager for your aching neck and shoulder? No problem, check this Compression Massager specifically designed to calm painful stiff muscles located on your neck and your shoulders using the techniques used by professional therapists.

Compression Massager for Neck and Shoulder uses 12 unique air bladders that can be placed on your head, shoulder and neck and is great for increasing blood circulation, muscle relaxation and relieving discomforts.
This Neck and Shoulder Compression Massager also comes with an air pillow with 10” thickness, this pillow lift up and stifles your head and shoulder throughout the massage process.

This compression massager also features a unique remote control that allows the user to focus the massage on a specific area. Simply select a massage program, choose any massage duration you want from 10 to 20 minutes and witness its unique function.

The compression massager can be worn while lying down on bed or even sitting on a chair because it also comes with a sturdy hook and loop clip for keeping the bladders intact during the massage process.

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